Why Grady?

Grady Health System has never been more important–frontline heroes continuing to battle COVID-19; treating record numbers of patients in our Level 1 Trauma Center; providing world-class care for stroke and burn victims; ensuring that every person has a place to turn for care.

As the largest hospital in Georgia, Grady plays a critical role in caring for hundreds of thousands in our community. In 2019, before COVID, Grady had 715,000 patient visits–nearly 1,900 per day, and Grady EMS responded to 141,000 911 calls–385 per day. The pandemic has dramatically increased our patient load and Grady’s staff continues to work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of ensuring that quality healthcare is available to all, regardless of wealth or zip code.

Grady stands strong, but we cannot continue to do so without the financial support of our community. While Grady does receive government funding, nearly one-third of the patients we serve are uninsured, leaving a significant gap between the funding received and the cost of delivering quality, compassionate care.

We invite you to join our movement to raise funds for this critical Atlanta institution by participating in VeloCity 2021. By doing so, you will help support Atlanta’s frontline heroes, ensure health care equity, and promote wellness.


VeloCity is the result of the vision and hard work of numerous corporate, philanthropic, and community leaders committed to Grady, including:

Honorary Co-Chairs

  • Carl Bouckaert and Suzanne Sitherwood
  • Drew and Faye Evans

Velocity Steering Committee 2021

  • Mark Becker
  • Steve Church
  • Doug Congleton
  • Kristen Cordier
  • Dan Corso
  • Tom Cross
  • Darcina Garrett
  • John Gregg
  • Trey Hammett
  • William Hennessy
  • Glenn Hilburn
  • Stephanie Hudson
  • Janin Hutcheson
  • Colleen Kiernan
  • Mike Plant
  • Jeff Schneider
  • Phil Southerland
  • Bill Strang
  • Chad Strickland
  • Kristi Swartz
  • Dan Thornton
  • Eric Wilson