Support Grady – from wherever you are! 

The pandemic has changed our plans to ride. It has also given us a firsthand glimpse into the critical role that Grady plays in our community. Even as our frontline heroes continue to battle a global pandemic, we are saving lives, turning tragedies into miracles, and delivering quality, compassionate care to any patient who walks through our doors.

You may begin to officially log your cycling, walking, or running miles when the VeloCity 2020 challenge opens September 7. As soon as you sign up, join our Strava Club for challenges, training, and inspiration. The event ends on November 7 with a virtual celebration. Fundraising continues through December 31.

No fundraising minimums are required, but we have suggested fundraising levels and encourage you to put your best foot forward for Grady.

How to Fundraise

Now that you have decided to join the movement and give back to Grady, it’s time to fundraise! When you ride, walk, or run for Grady, you are on a fundraising mission to support our frontline heroes. 

Your online Participant Center is the easiest way to ask for and receive donations to meet your VeloCity fundraising commitment. Here, you can: 

  • Personalize your profile
  • Personalize your page and share your story
  • Customize email templates to ask for support
  • Link your fundraising page to Facebook to fundraise even faster
  • Use your mileage tracked in Strava to get supporters involved as you progress (Ex. “Every 10 miles I bike/run/walk, I am hoping to raise $20!”)
  • Post your completed Strava routes on Facebook to encourage additional support
  • Thank donors whenever donations are received
  • Get rewarded as you fundraise. Check out the individual and team incentives below!

Registration is $25. Everyone receives a virtual goodie bag and is eligible for great incentives, starting with a VeloCity t-shirt when you raise $50! Anyone can join anytime, and all ages are welcome. 

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Fundraising Incentives

As you raise money for Grady, we have some fantastic gifts for you to earn! 

VeloCity T-shirt

VeloCity Jersey or Running Shirt

VeloCity Hoodie

Yeti Lowball Set (2)

Rtic Cooler

Wahoo® TICKR X
Heart Rate Monitor

VIP Prize Pack

Recruitment Incentives:

Check back for more info!

Fundraising Incentives:

Top fundraising team receives a virtual VIP insider experience! Check back for more info!